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About Me

My name is Yasmin Nameer. Iam an Iraqi artist based in Iraq.I started painting  since I was three years old.Unfortunately due to the wars and the economic siege that followed in my region I couldn’t get a proper education to develop my talent. I even stopped painting years later for many reasons such as suppression ,being underestimated, self doubt etc.. However three years ago exactly after I became aware of my worth as an Artist and as a woman I was actually reborn. Feeling my worth as a woman helped me to volunteer to a feminism education organization (Nasawyia) as a writer in Iraq and the Middle East , and that’s how I came up with the idea of my project which called "The Fairy Palm”.

(The Fairy Palm ) is a name of a woman (which has the same depiction of a  witch  back then in Europe during the Middle Ages). The palm Fairy is used claim the palm trees (which is very famous in my region)and used to scare and take children away and that’s how we , as a kids were introduced to her fable. later on I realized that she is nothing of that sort. She is just a woman who refuses to yield to patriarchal system that dominates our society and that’s how she was punished (so typical).

Since I’m being in that same spot those women are, I’m fighting  patriarchy either. Art industry is usually dominated by men Artists who like to discourage and diminish women artists ,keeping my paintings and their stories  in the dark. I am determined to never let go again of being creator and take my paintings and their stories to the public to be seen.